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Wouldn't it be nice to look forward to the future confident about your finances?  The truth is that most women aren’t.  In fact, three-quarters of all American women are worried about their financial future but not sure about what to do about it.  The majority of women haven’t had formal training in managing their finances or making financially-related decisions.  Women – women just like you – are frustrated that they feel behind financially and lack confidence in how to work toward a secure financial future. 

We designed this site to help women exactly like you.  We want to provide you the real-life practical information you need in manageable “chunks” so that learning about, and handling your finances, can easily fit in with your busy pace of life.  We want to encourage you that regardless of where you are today financially, there are different choices you can make to begin changing your situation and charting a practical plan for a better financial future.  This is a practical site that focuses on real-life issues like how to create a budget that works for you, pay your bills, invest your savings and keep your credit score in check.

Be encouraged that by building your financial decision-making skills today you can enjoy the tomorrow that is right around the corner. Even if you’re feeling behind the curve financially and you don’t have the skills to change your situation on your own, research proves that financial confidence grows as women build their knowledge through hands-on learning and research. 

Getting started on a new financial pathway can start here.  It can start today.  Grab a cup of coffee and take a few minutes to tour the site.  You’ll find:

  • important skill-building information and insight through our Featured Articles
  • the most common, major financially-related topic areas listed on the left
  • interactive tools that can allow you to make calculations and comparisons that are important for your current and future financial decision-making
  • financial planning tips from what “People Like You” are doing right
  • information, tips, tools and encouragement when you encounter unexpected major life changes through our sister site – UnwantedChange.org – at the top bar 

Taking the time to learn about your finances is an important way that you can care for yourself and your family.  By beginning the journey with a few easy steps today you can provide yourself and your loved ones with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your future is financially secure.

Personas como usted

  • The Single Woman
    Scenario: Rosa is a 40-year old single woman living in Rhode Island. She is a manager of media development for a large Fortune 500 company.
  • A Widow
    Scenario: Marilyn is a 51-year old widow, living in Delaware, supporting two teenagers. When her husband died unexpectedly, she had to return to the work force full-time.
  • A Single Mom
    Scenario: Candy is struggling right now. She works at a local super mart.

Artículos de interés

  • Selecting a Reputable Credit Counseling Agency
    A reputable, accredited credit counseling agency may be able to provide you with the help you need to get on the road to financial recovery. However not all credit counseling agencies are alike.
  • How Your Credit Score is Calculated
    There are different methods to determining a credit score.  The “gold standard” of credit scores – the one that most lenders use when making credit-related decisions - is called the FICO score, named for its developer, the Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO).

Learn More

Financial confidence comes from continually building on and applying the knowledge you have that is relevant your particular situation. If you’re interested in learning more about this topic the following sections can provide helpful information, tools and tips. Spend some time boosting your knowledge base and using our interactive tools to apply the information to your life.

  • 10 Simple Steps to Saving Money Now
    Develop a simple, easy to implement plan with Tomorrow's Money “Personal Savings Schedule”.

  • Making Your Budget Work
    Every January 1 millions of Americans make a resolution to take control of their finances in the New Year. But what does that really look like?